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GCA’s Elizabeth Abernathy Hull Award for Early Environmental Education

The Elizabeth Abernathy Hull Fund for Early Environmental Education was established “to recognize an individual who, through working with children under 16 years of age in horticulture and the environment, has inspired their appreciation of the beauty and fragility of our planet.”

Both GCA and non-GCA members are eligible and may be proposed. The award is administered by the GCA Scholarship Committee, which screens candidates and selects the award recipient(s). Since its creation, the amount of the award has been $1,000, and has been presented annually to one or more persons.

The following is the list of award recipients that have been sponsored by The Garden Club of Houston:

  • 2011 Renee Paris Wright, Lower School Science teacher, St. John’s School
  • 2011 Jaime Gonzalez, Community Education Manager, Katy Prairie Conservancy
  • 2013 Jeannette Domaschk, Kindergarten teacher, Hunters Creek Elementary School
  • 2014 Mary Anne Weber, Houston Audubon Society Education Director
  • 2019 Carol Burton, Urban Harvest Director of Youth Education
  • 2019 Kellie Karavias, Culinary Arts Teacher at Gregory-Lincoln Education Center